Cotto tile comes from the clay work; it could be of different colours and tonalities according to the mixture. In the building field in general, cotto is used for various applications: from the shingles of the roof, to the bricks (on the wall), to the floor and wall tile.

The main applications of cotto occurred in the interior settings:

  • cellars
  • basement rooms (enhancing the traditional style and giving off heat)
  • living room (when the cotto tile is installed with marble tile details, the effect creates a contrast between the modern and traditional setting, developing tricks of lights which underline the cotto veins, as it would be wood)

When the cotto tile is treated it becomes resistant and waterproof (as gres), in this way the cotto tile can be installed also outside.

Nowadays, thanks to the different setup laying options that can be realized, the cotto tile has become a precious material, also for its features of easy reparation and renovation in order to bring it back to life.