Both interior and exterior staircases are the predominant part of a house. A winding staircase, a wood, marble, granite or a stone staircase, spiral, T-shaped stair, or straight stair is one of the house’s element that must be appreciated the most.

Beyond the railing or the balustrade, the staircase requires the most suitable floor covering. Often, the staircase is covered up with parquet or gres in order to obtain the wood effect, because in this case it is the divider between the living area and the bedrooms.

Also the staircase that divides the bedrooms from the attic is usually covered with wooden effect tiles; also in this case people prefer the installation of parquet and gres.

The exterior staircase is usually made of cotto or ceramic, gres or granite, but outside, the key is represented by the waterproof membrane, and in particular by the slope of the stair tread.